Solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges require an understanding of their economic, social and psychological dimensions. The Environmental Social Sciences Research Group (ESS) focuses on interactions between human and biophysical elements of urban, rural and wildland ecosystems.

  1. The Future of Our Cities is Indigenous

    The Yarra River in Melbourne The future of cities is Indigenous

    Australia’s unceded cities are still part of Country, and if we care for them they will care for us as we face the climate challenge.


  2. ‘Dismantling unhelpful binaries in citizen science’ at the #CitSciOzOnline conference

    Dismantling unhelpful binaries in citizen science

    Debbie Gonzalez Canada, who is researching participation in digital environmental monitoring, discussed unhelpful binaries in citizen science at the CitSciOZOnline conference.


  3. Watch the winning entry for Visualise Your Thesis 2020 about mindful engagement in nature

    video about mindful engagement in nature

    PhD candidate, Rose Macaulay, recently won the University of Melbourne’s Visualise Your Thesis competition. The competition challenges graduate researchers to present their research in a 60 …


  4. Seminar program from September to November 2020

    SEFS webinars calendar 2020

    There are four SEFS webinars between September and the end of 2020, two presenting research and two discussing academic careers.


  5. SEMINAR: Rebecca Ford and Kathryn Williams explore social aspects of planning for bushfire risk.

    people and fire, planning for bushfire risk

    In a changing climate, people are increasingly going about their daily lives in landscapes that are shaped by fire. How do residents relate to the annual …


  6. SEMINAR: Ruth Beilin and Andrea Rawluk explore interactions between people, ecosystems and fire

    people and fire

    In a changing climate, people are increasingly going about their daily lives in landscapes that are shaped by fire. How do residents relate to the annual …


  7. Twitter Conference #SCBMelb20: “Conserving Melbourne’s Biodiversity: past, present and future”

    Twitter conference SCBMelb20 biodiversity in Melbourne

    The inaugural Twitter Conference #SCBMelb20, to be held next July 30th–31st, 2020, has the theme “Conserving Melbourne’s Biodiversity: past, present and future”.


  8. Society for Conservation Biology Social Sciences: Working group Twitter Conference

    SSWG Twitter Conference

    The Social Science Working Group Twitter conference is free and it is easy for academics to participate from anywhere with a Twitter account.


  9. Participate in study about Digital Citizen Science

    study about digital citizen science frog monitoring program

    Would you like to share your insights about monitoring the environment using digital technologies such as smartphones?


  10. Planting timber forests on Australian farms

    Planting timber forests on Australian farms

    Australia needs new business models between industry and agriculture to inspire investment in trees on farms in order to guarantee the country’s future timber resources


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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay respects to elders – past, present and emerging. We aim to work together with Traditional Custodians to develop solutions to environmental problems in genuine partnership, respecting and appreciating their knowledge, culture, history and world views.