Peter Morison

Dr Peter Morison (Pete) is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the School of Agriculture, Food and Ecosystem Sciences. He supports the Waterway Ecosystem Research Group in the Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership through its social and community engagement program.

Pete has enjoyed a career of driving change for good and getting results with respect for others doing so. He loves working with industries that make a difference, as well as leading people and driving innovative thinking.

Pete’s background is environmental and social science with over twenty-five years of experience working in water services, natural resource management, local governance, and as a consultant to various government organisations. Extending beyond the classic utility model, Pete has overseen a diverse portfolio of land, natural resource and urban water management projects.

Bringing together research and practice is one of his strengths. His next step for development is in strategic governance. He is open to board opportunities.

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    Peter Morison at University of Melbourne

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