Christopher McCormack

Chris has a background in ecology and marine biology, and is currently studying a PhD in conservation psychology within the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences. Chris investigates the links between narrative and connection with nature. Chris is the co-founder and managing director of Australia’s first nature connection charity, Remember The Wild. He is a passionate communicator who enjoys telling stories about the natural world through a variety of mediums, including; film, podcasts, and more. His aim is to better connect people with the natural world in ways that matter to them. In doing so he hopes to help people as well as the environment.

Supervisors: Professor Kathryn Williams and Dr Jenny Martin

More information at: People and Nature Alliance (PANA) | LinkedIn

Contact: chris.mccormack [at]

Christopher McCormack

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay respects to elders – past, present and emerging. We aim to work together with Traditional Custodians to develop solutions to environmental problems in genuine partnership, respecting and appreciating their knowledge, culture, history and world views.